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Crafting Excellence for 40 Years: Your Premier Source for High-Quality Furniture and Cabinetry Components


Expert Woodworking Component Solutions

GL Resources has been a leading supplier in the woodworking industry for 40 years, specializing in high-quality furniture and cabinetry components. Our expertise and extensive network across the Midwest ensure top-notch solutions for our clients.

What we do


Drawer Slides

Durable, versatile slides from King Slide and CGS, offering both side mount and undermount options to meet diverse furniture requirements.

Decorative Paper

Innovative, eco-friendly paper and films from CPI Tegus, offering cost-effective and environmentally conscious alternatives to traditional PVC films.

Edge Banding

High-quality edge banding solutions from CPI Tegus for seamless and aesthetic finishes on furniture and cabinetry, enhancing durability and design.

Cabinet Hinges

Robust, precision-engineered hinges, ensuring smooth operation and longevity for all types of cabinetry.

Custom Hardware

Tailored functional hardware solutions, designed to meet specific client needs for unique and furniture components.

Decorative Glass

Elegant and bespoke glass options for furniture and cabinetry, adding a touch of sophistication and style.